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1 Minute Sensory Bin – Sensory Bin Made Easy

Homeschooling is not perfect

I change up our sensory bin every month for baby. I didn’t really plan on sharing every month and still don’t think I will. I wanted to encourage you and show you that despite all the stuff and ideas you see on pinterest, homeschooling doesn’t have to be hard.

We have had a ton of stuff going on the past few weeks. I’m sometimes not sure how we do it all and on such little sleep (life of a homeschooler I suppose)! I had great intentions for February’s bin but when it came time to switch it, I knew for my own sanity I needed something easier. So, I found a bunch of pink and red fabrics for baby to explore while we have reading time.

Quick, easy, no fuss, no mess…not everything has to be planned out and elaborate! Homeschooling is not perfect and it’s forever changing.