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10 Easy Rainbow Science Activities For Pre K – 3rd Graders

Welcome to another week of Science Saturday! We share 10 experiments for you to try at home! Up this month is Easy Rainbow Activities for Pre-K to 3rd Graders!

These science activities and experiments are perfect for the younger crowd.

Easy Rainbow Science Activities for Elementary Age

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Rainbows are beautiful and in my experience young children LOVE all the bright colors. We put together our favorite rainbow experiments and activities for little ones. You can find nearly everything you need to do all ten easily in your own home, however there is one thing you might not have. Jelly Crystals, you can find those here.

Rainbow Paper – 0:13 Walking Water – 1:04 Jelly Rainbow – 1:59 DIY Spectroscope – 2:55 Skittles Rainbow – 3:51 Color Mixing Jars – 4:40 Magic Milk – 6:03 Density Rainbow – 6:50 Crystal Rainbow – 8:44

Rainbow Flowers -9:22