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5 Totally Fun Ways to Learn the Human Body

Has your child ever dived really deep into a topic? You can just see the passion brewing within them. For my son, it’s all about the human body. He loves learning about anatomy over the past year or so and we have found tons of ways to let him explore and learn about the human body.  These are his 5 most favorite ways, in order.
(Disclaimer: I received  Virtuali-Tee free without expectation a positive review. We just really love them!This post may also contain affiliate links. As always, all my opinions are my own. Please read my full disclosure policy)

# 1 –Virtuali-Tee

Our top number one favorite way to explore the human body is with these AMAZING shirts.
Guys, these shirts are the COOLEST THING EVER. Seriously.
Where do I even start. My son calls them our Magic Shirts, so I think that sums it up. The shirt design is almost like a QR code that, along with the app, allows you to actually look INSIDE your (or your friends’) body. There is even a 3D mode, if you have a 3D viewer like this one.  My son really believes he’s looking at his own heart, which he loves. I wonder if he will become a heart surgeon with his love of the circulatory system. Hmm…


I really like that you can turn on labels to identify the different parts of the body. They also have made it so you can remove different layers, like the circulatory system, to view just the skeletal system if that makes sense. Both my boys (actually the entire family) enjoy playing with this Virtual-Tee.  It’s a MUST check out!


#2 – Blood Sensory Bin

Like I had previously said, my son loves the circulatory system best. So this sensory bin was perfect for him and super easy to set up. Take red water beads (found here) for the red blood cells, ping-pong balls (found here) for the white blood cells, red foam (buy here) and pieces cut into oval-ish shapes for the platelets and use water for the plasma. We even put some green pipe cleaner cut up as bacteria and let the boys “attack” with the white blood cells to get rid of the sickness. lol..


# 3 – Survive Inside the Human Body

If you have been following me for a while, you know this isn’t the first time I’ve brought these books up. I’ve even written  about them on educational websites. There is a reason for that. My son LOVES them. Especially the “blood book” as he calls it (the circulatory system). The “brain book” is his second favorite (nervous system). He has read through each of these several times. I wrote a full review here a while back, but they are essentially anime style Magic School Bus comics.


#4 – Puzzles

There are two puzzles we really like and both are from Melissa and Doug. The first one is the Human Anatomy Floor Puzzle. This is a double-sided puzzle that is honesty kind of difficult for younger children, but I think that’s why my son likes it. We have had it for nearly 2 years and it’s very loved. The second is more of a play set than a puzzle, but it’s still a good one. It’s the Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Play Set. It’s kind of like a paper doll, but magnetic and about the human body.


#5 –Magic School Bus

Obviously Magic School Bus would make this list.  There are quite a few episodes about the human body and believe me, we’ve seen them all several times. In case you’re looking for a specific one, here is a list.

Season 1 – Episode 2 – “For Lunch” Season 1 – Episode 3 – “Inside Ralphie” Season 2 – Episode 2 – “Flexes its Muscles” Season 3 – Episode 9 – “Works Out”

Season 4  – Episode 6 – “Goes Cellular”