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7 Tips for Going Device Free

Do you remember a time not that long ago, when we would go outside and just be outside unplugged from the world. Then cell phones came along and we would be outside but had a line back “in case”. Now so called “smart phones” and tablets are taking over our parks and lives. Am I being dramatic? Try this then decide for yourself.

Next time you go out (anywhere really) but lets say to the park, look around. How many moms are looking at their phone rather than their kids? Or what about a family holiday? How many people are connecting to people on a device rather than to people in the room? I’m not the only one who sees this! My friend Alisha shared her social media addiction.

Ready to detox from technology? Take the 7 Day Technology Detox!

My husband and didn’t get smart phones until about 3 years ago, and Ive noticed a HUGE different in that short amount of time! It just so easy to get distracted we are all guilty in one way or another. My friend Nadine wrote about facing her own guilt. So here are my top 7 tips for going device free!

7 Tips For Going Device Free

1. Delete ALL social media apps from your phone & tablet! Then add them back in one day at a time, you will see which you miss the most and which are just time suckers. I choose not to have Facebook on any device 2 years later I still don’t miss it.

2. Are you competitive? Try this app out, UNICEF donates clean water for time you don’t touch your phone! I was able to go 19hr 30min, which gave 117 Days of clean water. Can you beat my time?

3. Shut your devices in a room or a drawer this way, you are more aware of how often you feel the need to check it and can monitor your self a bit more. By taking steps to monitor tech time my friend Melissa found herself craving real life connection.

4. Try an app like OFFTIME that allows you to set your “ofttimes” and manages your messages and turns off distracting apps.

5. Try making your smart phone dumb again, delete ALL APPS and only use it to makes calls, or even better downgrade down to a dumb phone again like guest blogger Ana did!

6. Guest blogger Dachelle came up with a great idea to only use your devices when you are exercising!

7. Get a watch, I notice that I check my phone for the time a lot, then I get distracted by notifications or messages.

Do you have any tips? I’d LOVE to hear them! Share in the comments!