Art Project For Active Kids

Artist Tony Orrico is such a fun artist to watch! When one of my artist friends sent one of his videos, I knew right away I HAD to try this concept with kids! While I prefer the look of his Penwald 4: Unison Symmetry Standing Series,  I thought it might be more fun to start with these. As a side note, I can see a wonderful lesson about symmetry and being still in the moment — feeling everything your body does with his entire Penwald series.

Art Project for Active Kids

To start this art project, I gave the kiddos some background. I told them I found a new artist and he was creating some neat art using your entire body! I had them guess what or how. I like to have them to come up with creative ideas before we start the project and often will have them guess how things are done. I then showed them this video and asked if they wanted to try it. Of course they said YES! What kid doesn’t want to spin around? We had a few dizzy kids here. 🙂

This project is so much fun that even Mom and Dad got into the action! Yes, we got dizzy too.


What you need:

Large paper – We used paper backdrops from my photography studio. I know that might not be an option for everyone but what about using cheap wrapping paper, or maybe tape 4 large poster boards together, or hey how about sidewalk chalk on the drive way? A plastic table cloth from the dollar store with marker? There are a lot of possibilities.

Pencils, markers, or anything. My husband thinks paint would be really cool to use!