Best Instrument For Kids to Start Learning Music

What instrument is the BEST to start kids on? Well there really is no “right” answer but here are MY top 3 choice for beginner instruments.

#1 Ukulele

I know what you’re thinking, “She would say that because she created a Ukulele Course For Kids” However, it’s because I feel that ukulele is the BEST instrument to learn music on for beginners that I created the course! 

  • PRO –  Ukuleles are inexpensive so whether you are on a budget or you are unsure if your child will stick with music and just want to “test the waters” you are not investing 100’s of dollars! You can pick one for $20-30.
  • PRO – It’s easy to start learning songs quickly, which I believe gives children confidence and motivation to keep playing.
  • PRO – The ukulele is a small instrument, this is a pro for two reasons. First it’s perfect for little fingers that are just learning, and second if you are limited on space it doesn’t require as much room in your home as a piano or a drum set!
  • CON – It’s not a guitar. This really isn’t a “CON” I just want you to be aware that it is a completely different instrument you will not “graduate” to guitar when they are older.

Looking for a ukulele? overwhelmed by the choices? Check out this buying guide to help you decide which is best for your child!

#2  Percussion

Learning percussion will help develop rhythm which you can carry with you to learn other instruments.

  • PRO – Like ukulele, you don’t need to invest a lot of money. You could start as simple as a drum pad and sticks then add from there.
  • PRO – Helps you develop, rhythm and timing
  • PRO – It’s diverse. From bells or xylophone to congas, tambourines, steel drums, and more. There are a verity of options!
  • CON – You will have a drummer in the house! I feel like that takes a special kind of parent. I recall driving my own mother bonkers with all my rat-ta-tatting and para-diddle-diddling.
  • CON – Playing with others in a group typically sounds better than solos.

#3 Piano

Piano is a beautiful instrument and still one of my favorites to play.

  • PRO – It will give you a strong foundation in music. Because you will learn both treble and bass clefs
  • PRO – Teaches great work ethic as you need to be disciplined and practice often.
  • CON – It takes a bit more work to be successful with piano.
  • CON – It’s not great for little fingers, in fact many piano teachers don’t start teaching piano until age 7.

fullbannerukulelecourse-6547702#4 What your child is interested in!

The BEST instrument is really what your child shows interest in learning!