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Fun Way To Introduce Chemistry


Little know fact about me, I’m a closet geek. For instance, did you know for my 13th birthday I had a Magic The Gathering Tournament with all my friends? Yep.

You see, my mother taught me many things and a lot of them are considered “geeky”.  Things like playing chess at the age of 4, D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) at 6, Magic the Gathering, LARPing. This list could go on forever but let’s just say my mother was and IS a gamer. I never minded or knew any different and now as an adult I’ve realized that being exposed to so many different things helped me in ways I never would have guessed.

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That’s part of the reason I was SO EXCITED to try Quest for Arete (Are-a-tay)! It took me back to my own magical childhood, but now it’s something I can share with my own kids!


Fun Game That Introduces Chemistry

The main reason I was so excited to try this game out though, was because I honestly thought it was an AMAZING idea. After looking at their website, I thought to myself, “Why has there never been a game like this before? It’s genius!” Such a fun way to introduce the periodic table and different chemistry concepts. Players learn chemical symbols, how to read a chemical formula, valance electron counts, and more! It’s not teaching “real” chemistry — meaning that its not 100% accurate to life (the formulas given are fictitious) but it does give children a great foundation of remembering the elements and their properties.

Their tagline “in the real world, this is the magic”  really resonated with me because as you know, we are a BIG believer that science is magic here. Remember my 10 Magic Tricks That Are Really Just Science post from a few weeks back.

So what exactly is Quest for Arete? It’s a chemistry based collectible card game for players age 12 and up (although I’ve never been one to follow age guidelines so I think someone younger could play easily with parents help)
The back-story of the game sets it in medieval times when magicians and sorcerers were well trained in the undiscovered properties of the elements. As an apprentice, you must duel any other sorcerer you meet using magical elements (represented by the cards) that combine to make potions and spells.

Educational Game Similar To Magic The Gathering?

A lot of people have asked me how similar it is to Magic the Gathering, knowing that I’ve played both. I personally think they are VERY different. They are both fantasy card games, but the game play is completely different. Truthfully, I’ve never played a game like Quest for Arete.
Is it easy to learn?
Another question I get often. We didn’t find it too difficult, but I did, however, find it less intuitive than Magic the Gathering. Although, learning a Magic-type game might just come easier to kids. The basic game play involves matching elements in your hand to create formulas and cast spells. You can watch this video to learn more about the game play.


Where Can I Get Quest for Arete?

Here is the Quest For Arete Starter Set (it’s the exact one I have)


Here is the Alchemist Expansion Set


Here is the Armorer’s Expansion Set


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