Interactive History Lesson – Christopher Columbus


Two words as a pubic schooler I always looked forward to. I sometimes wonder if my children will ever really understand how exciting it was because like many homeschoolers, field trips are really just family trips that turn into a learning opportunity. Plus they happen on a very regular basis unlike public school.

However, this past summer when I caught wind that Columbus’ ships were in town, I quickly switched up our lesson and created an interactive history lesson even my toddler would have fun with.

I went and printed off pictures of his three ships to help with the lesson. For the images, I found this awesome ship in a bottle craft on pinterest. I knew my little guys were too young but I printed the ships and cut them out. I then laminated them and added some tape so we could sick them to our big map. I showed my son how he sailed from Europe to the United States. We also learned a new song, which you may know — Columbus Sailed With 3 Ships Over the Ocean Blue. Then, that afternoon, we took a walk (like we do almost every afternoon in the summer) singing our new song as we went along. Instead of heading towards the park, we headed toward the Marina. As we got closer and closer to the ships my son was getting more and more excited. I didn’t tell him where we were going and seeing his reaction to history (or any lesson) coming alive was awesome! It’s what homeschooling is all about! There’s something so wonderful and rewarding about seeing your child excited about what they have learned.


There’s so something wonderful and rewarding  when seeing your child excited about what they have learned.


Now, obviously, these are not Columbus’ real ships, but replicas, and they were amazing! The Nina is an exact replica! It is regarded as the most accurate reproduction ever constructed. The Pinta was built 15 feet longer and 8 feet wider than the original, so it can accommodate more people and be used for dockside charters or events. Why not the Santa Maria? It would require 14 feet of water depth, so a Santa Maria replica would not be able to travel to many places where The Nina and Pinta visit. For more information and including the port schedules check out their site. If they are coming to your location, you HAVE to go! It’s such a great trip!


And because, I’ve had enough people ask where we got our map. I hope this affiliate link helps! It’s also a dry erase!!!!

World Map Paper Wall Mural