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Interactive Way To Teach Young Children Mindful Meditation

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday; a weekly installment of my latest thrift store finds and how we use them in our homeschool day. When I saw this book at the thrift store, I quickly skimmed through it thinking it would be a great way to have an adventure and go outside. After I got home and read it, WOW…. This book is so cool! It’s a great way to teach young children mindful meditation (or thoughtfulness) .


The book takes you through a series of rules to find your perfect rock. I’ll paraphrase the rules for you. Rule 1 – Find a mountain if you can. If not, any place will do. Rule 2 – Choose a rock when everything is quiet. Rule 3 – You may have to lay on the ground to look a rock right in the eye. Rule 4 – Don’t get a rock that is to big. Rule 5 – Don’t get a rock that is to small. Rule 6 – It should feel easy in your hands. Rule 7 – Look for the perfect color. Rule 8 – Choose the right shape. Rule 9 – You have to smell the rock.

Rule 10 – Don’t ask anyone to help you choose.