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The Easiest Science Curriculum for Homeschoolers

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know we LOVE science. That’s why I created our Science Saturday Series! If you’re new to me, you should definitely check them out! Each month I share 10 experiments you can do at home with a theme each month. BUT, get this, Spangler Science Club works the same way, only it comes right to your door!!!

Exciting Science Delivered Right to Your Door Every Month

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I recently got to try Spangler Science Club and I was immediately impressed! We received  The STEM Lab Deluxe. and it included 10 awesome experiments along with almost everything you need. You might need a few things from home, but they are super easy like water, a bowl, etc. The STEM Lab Deluxe is the most expensive at $29.99 but they also have one for $19.99 (which includes less experiments) or even $9.99 (only one experiment). You can determine which is best for your family but… I think the Deluxe is an awesome value considering all it comes with, which brings me to my next point.

Easy Science Curriculum for Homeschoolers

You could absolutely use this as a curriculum! REALLY! Exploring a new topic or theme each month with tons of hands on experiments. Exactly like we do for our Science Saturday videos each month. AND there are workbooks!!! REALLY! So, you could have your child fill out the work book as they go along. ALSO, there is a certificate of completion at the end. How cool is that! Check out this unboxing video to see what I’m talking about! Plus, check us out doing one of the experiments (admittedly one of the more “boring ones” but that’s the one he picked and he loved it. My little data gathering weirdo, lol ).

There are so many reasons to love Spangler Science Club! What are your reasons?