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Top 3 Reasons We Do NOT Homeschool

The top 3 reasons we do not homeschool.

This post is in response to  Nicole of Half Mom/Half Amazing’s recent video. I agree with ALL of her reasons, but I’m putting our top 3 here! If you get a chance, please click the link and watch her video! She’s one of my favorite You Tubers because she is so down to earth.

#3 – We do not homeschool because we dislike the public school system.
As tax payers, we happily pay taxes that go to support public schools. Here is a fun fact (at least in our state), we also don’t get any tax credit because we homeschool. Both my husband and myself attended public schools and think the world is a better place because we have them. It’s just not what’s best for our children in our situation.

#2 – We do not homeschool because we want to shelter our children from the world.
There is a huge stigma that homeschoolers only do so because they want to protect and shelter their children. Actually the opposite! We homeschool BECAUSE we want our children to experience so much the world has to offer. Rather than sitting in a classroom, I love that my children can learn about money while shopping, or learn biology during a nature walk.

#1 – We do not homeschool to raise little geniuses.
This is the one I think I hear the most. One of the huge perks of homeschooling is that we are able to tailor lessons to the child. This means in the case of our son, who was reading at two, we don’t have to hold him back. However, when he struggles with other subjects we are able to slow them down and really work with him to understand it.

What are your reasons for NOT homeschooling? I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below!