Top 7 Ways to Teach Counting to 100

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If you follow me on Instagram (@raisingdavinci) you might have seen me post that we started introducing our 3 year old to the 100’s place value. We took our time with the tens and tried to teach him in several different ways along with his math program (Math-U-See)

Here are our 7 favorite ways to learn how to count 1-100.

Counting everything. I know this is so obvious but it really makes a difference, we count steps, we count cars, we count houses as we drive, we count just to count sometimes. I think it really helped him learn, he still gets caught up on a few of the 9’s (39,49,59 etc.) and we need to remind him what comes next.

I found this song on youtube and loved it. The video is just ok, but the song is something that we sing often. Naturally being a child of the 90’s you know I did the dance moves too!

Endless Numbers app. I love this app! (I actually love all Originator apps) The free version is numbers 1-10 but when you pay for the full version you get numbers 1-100! This is a great way to reinforce learning the numbers. I would let him play on the iPad or on my phone as a special treat when we were grocery shopping or during quiet time.

Skip counting by 10’s. This is a really easy game to put together. We used foam sheets I got from the dollar store to make them more durable.

#5 Books! Here are our favorites!