10 Best Educational Toys Under $25

Staying in a budget is so important! That’s why I’ve put this list of the 10 best educational toys UNDER $25! Some are individual toys while some are types of toys, so I hope you find it helpful as you do your Christmas shopping! I am using affiliate links so please read the full disclosure policy. 

1. Cool Circuits or Cool Circuits Jr.

Have you seen this game? It’s super cool once you connect the circuit — the game lights up and plays a tune!

2. Science Kits

These are all under $12, so you can pick up two and stay in your $25 budget!
Magic Science Kit
Tasty Science Kit
Crime Catchers Science Kit
My First Mind Blowing Science Kit
Lip Balm Lab Kit
Ice Cream Science
Weather Station
Smithsonian Rock and Gem Kit
Bubble Gum Lab
Potato Clock

3. 7 Pack of Brain Teasers

These would make GREAT stocking stuffers! And they are only $12 for all of them! So you could still pick up a science kit or something else!

4. Mobi Math Game    +    Bananagrams

They are both tile games, one for math and one for reading/spelling. I’ll be honest, this one might go a TINY bit over budget. Mobi is $19.99 and Bananagrams is $12.95. If you really can’t go a few dollars over, just get one of the two games and you will still be on budget! 🙂

5. Snap Circuits Jr.

Learn all about electronics! This would be great for a tinkerer like my son. Go here to see even more gift ideas for a kid that loves to tinker.

6. Logic Games

We love logic games and all of these are under $25! Some we own and love, and some are on our wish list this year!
Laser Maze
Truckery 3
Color Code
Gravity Maze
Litte Red Riding
Hood Deluxe
Rush Hour
Bunny Peek-a-boo

7. Light Up Ant Farm

Learning about ants couldn’t be more fun with this light up ant farm! Watch ants dig 3-D tunnels in illuminated nutrient-rich gel. Plus as a bonus this one is only  $11.67 on amazon so you could easily  get something else on your list!

8. True to Life Human X-rays

These are so neat! Take playing doctor up a notch! You can arrange the 18 pieces together to reproduce the entire body of a young adult 5 foot tall.

9. Cipher Wheel

Create awesome treasure hunts! With this easy to use but hard to decode cipher wheel!

10. 3D puzzles

There are tons of different 3D puzzles but these ones are all under $10 each. You could pick up more than one and still have a little money in the budget for something else!
The White House
Space Shuttle
Medieval Castle Puzzle and Play
Brooklyn Bridge