Best Instrument For Beginners – Kids Ukulele Course

I believe that ukulele is the perfect beginner instrument! It’s small enough for even the littlest hands, it’s inexpensive and it’s SO FUN! So I created a ukulele course for kids! Watch the video below to learn more!

What is included in the digital download?

  • 45 page guide filled with different activities from worksheets to putting on a concert.
  • Within the guide book, you will find 12 play along songs and 15 practice songs.
  • 13 videos that go along with the guide book.
  • An answer key for parents.
  • A ukulele – I’ve included links below if you don’t have one.
  • A tuner – I’ve included links below if you don’t have one.


Don’t have a ukulele? 
Check out this complete buying guide, I personally use a Kala and own both the tenor and soprano. I love that they sell them in a “gig bag” which includes both the ukulele and a tuner. If you are looking for something really fun, Mahalo has really cool colors! I just got one for my son! Right now they have 10 colors to choose from! 


Alisha B. Homeschooling Mom to four.

My kids are intimidated by many different programs, but Amanda’s course was really straightforward and easy to understand.Knowing nothing about the ukulele before hand I was really pleased to find the ukulele is a really easy instrument! It only has 4 strings and it’s super small which makes it easy for little fingers to manipulate. Once the kids learned how to play the C chord they were able to play a few basic songs in under an hour of practice! This is important for kids with learning challenges and ADHD as having that instant gratification can encourage them to stick with something as it gets harder.

I have been on the hunt for an affordable & effective way to teach my 5 boys music in our homeschool. Amanda’s Ukulele Course for Kids has been the answer to my prayers! This course is a fantastic introduction to music-especially how to teach your child to learn to play an instrument! Ukulele really is the best first instrument, my boys have been LOVING this course!

12552590_1542567406070512_6812584162574448763_n-3083614 Amy M.
Homeschooling Mom to five busy boys.
10668998_10101117623016564_3091485625118586445_o-300x300-5648920 Erin  Homeschooling Mom to three.

The program is easy enough that my 5 year old has had no trouble with it, but he is the most motivated to learn out of all the boys. His little fingers and hands can still fit on the Uke and he can understand what is going on. To say he is thrilled would be an understatement. He’s actually be able to pick up a few chords and understands strumming. While the course works great for my younger two, it is perfect for my 10 year old. He works mostly independently (which is great because he’s a bit shy about music). He’s  playing songs quickly, learning about chords and how to read music, and just enjoying playing an instrument!