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5 Reasons We Start School in the Summer

Have you noticed I’ve been MIA?

That’s because I’ve been busy preparing for our next homeschool year. You see, we school year-round but we start our school year in the late spring or early summer. I’ve had tons of people ask me WHY we start in the summer so I thought I’d share here.

5 Reasons We Start School in the Summer

The beauty of homeschooling is that you don’t have to follow the same schedule as public school. For us, starting school in the summer works much better. As our kids get older we might switch it up and start in the fall, but for now a summer start is AWESOME!

  1. Nature – Way up north where we live there isn’t very much to do in the winter. You can only study snow so much. Plus with little ones, going out in -24F really just isn’t an option. So by starting school in the summer it allows us to really learn about nature and science in a hands on way.
  2. Holidays – By starting in the summer and schooling year round we are easily able to take a month or two off during the holidays without any stress at all. (As homeschoolers we never really “take off” since kids are always learning but it allows us to not worry about “getting behind” in our curriculum)
  3. Field Trips – This goes hand in hand with #1 on the list but we are able to take more field trips during nicer weather (and yes, family vacations count as field trips!)
  4. Sunshine Brings Out Happiness – At least for us. Because we are able to get outside more the kids are more likely to be cooperative for seat work knowing that they can go out soon, or have just gotten inside. During the long winter months I don’t like to have my little guys do seat work hardly ever. It’s mostly just reading books and snuggling during the winter.
  5. Getting the Most of Our Seasons – By starting in summer (or late spring) we get to enjoy ALL of summer and fall getting most of our work done then. Then by the time winter comes we take it easy. Early spring here is kinda gross — think dirty muddy snow and cold weather. At that point we are SO SICK of the snow we start thinking and dreaming of the next school year, like the trips we want to take and what we want to learn. So it’s a natural progression to start planning the next year.

So basically, we love schooling outdoors and that’s really only an option for us from late spring through late fall.