Science Saturday

10 Eggcellent Egg Science Experiments For Kids

Hey! This month I have something EGGciting. Some EGGxperiments for you! There have been a lot of egg puns and egg fun here in my house in preparation for Easter. We had so much fun doing these egg science experiments for this month’s Science Saturday. There are so many different things you can do with eggs beyond just dying them. Why not try some of these out this spring?

Easy Egg Science Experiments For Kids

You will need eggs, and LOTS of them. We ended up buying a 60 count for only 3 or 4 dollars for these. Beyond that, most of the stuff you need for all of these is probably already in your house!

Silver Egg – 0:13 Egg Float – 1:05 Egg in a Bottle – 2:11 Bouncy Egg – 3:13 Egg Spin – 4:00 Growing & Shrinking Eggs – 4:34 Alcohol Cooking Eggs – 6:00 Egg Geode – 6:49 Yellow Egg – 8:27

Walking on Eggs – 9:20