7 Fun Ways to Teach 100's Place Value

We have been working on 100’s place values for a little bit now, and along the way I have found some AWESOME resources.

Place value is one of those concepts that you have to know well before you move on to other things. Children who do not have a secure understanding of place value will have a terrible time with adding or subtracting larger numbers, regrouping, estimating, and later skills of multiplication and division.

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7 Ways to Teach 100’s Place Value

1. MathUSee – This is a full curriculum but I had to mention it because I absolutely LOVE the way it introduces 100’s place values in Primer.


2.  Ice Cream Sundae Game from 123homeschool4me. This is a super fun game! My son and I would pretend play Ice Cream Parlor taking orders.


3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory App –  This is a great free app that helps teach hundreds place values. You fill the order with  a box (100’s) a stack (10) or a single cookie.


4. Sir Cumference  and All the Kings Tens –  Sir Cumference and Lady Di planned a surprise birthday party for King Arthur, but they didn’t expect so many guests to show up. How many lunches will they need? And with more guests arriving by the minute, what about dinner? Sir Cumference and Lady Di have to figure out a quick way to count the guests to bring order to the party.


5.  Stacking Cups. Take 3 cups and write the  number on them. Then stack them to make your own numbers! We color coded our cups to match our Math U See blocks.


6. Math Cookies! Make Base 10 Cookies – We made unit and tens cookies one morning to practice adding tens. We made Math U Eat rather than Math U See! lol. When I woke up I didn’t intend on making these. I decided to make cookies during math, to which my son replied “let’s make MATH cookies!” I love that homeschooling allows me to have these unplanned silly moments with my kids.


7. Place Value Bingo Game from The Measured Mom – My son LOVED playing this and I loved that it was simple enough he could do it on his own while I cooked breakfast!