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Day In The Life – A Working Homeschool Mom

I tried to choose a typical day to show you a day in the life at our house but of course the kids had other plans and slept in for the first time EVER! I can count the number of times I’ve had to wake them up on one hand. So this was a typical day with a few exceptions (like them sleeping in and throwing nap off schedule).

I have mentioned before that we have been a one car family by choice for 7 years, so I did take an unexpected trip to the library just to show you what that looks like. We go the the library once a week on a Saturday as a family, unless of course our Saturday is really busy (like it usually is) then we go during the week like we did on this day.

Everyday is different but this is our typical routine:

  • Wake up
  • I rebound (trampoline) I’ll be writing about why very soon!
  • Kids sometimes rebound 
  • Go downstairs to eat breakfast -For the kids, it’s oatmeal or frozen waffles, pancakes, or french toast I make ahead of time on Saturday morning. I make a really big batch and freeze what we don’t eat. For me, hard boiled eggs (I also share them with the kids every morning, make 18 at a time on Saturday and keep them in the fridge for the week).
  • Do some sort of handwriting or coloring during breakfast –while I clean the kitchen and prep dinner, if needed.
  • Chores – at least one card but often 2 (see more about our chore cards in the video.)
  • “School Time” See our full curriculum list here — but to lay it out for you, we do math on Monday, reading on Tuesday, writing on Wednesday, science on Thursday, and music on Friday.  School time is very short. Ten minutes at most unless the kids are having fun playing, because there is a lot of play in our schooling.
  • Explore – We play outside, walk to the park, play in the 3rd floor playroom, go to a new place, or go to the library.
  • Make Lunch -While I make lunch kids do some type of science, art, or something to keep them busy at the table. They do sometimes also help make lunch
  • Lunch -My husband comes home everyday for lunch so it’s a time we connect and chat about our day.
  • Nap for baby -While I rock baby, the older one usually plays with rice or a game in the school room.
  • Alone time with older one – I give my older one some one-on-one time and let him decide what we do as long as it’s quiet. He typically chooses to play for a bit then read books on my bed.
  • Snack time -Most of the time I make a smoothie and always read some of our current read aloud book with snacks.
    -Alone time with the older one and snack time get mixed up together with no real order
  • Check email – or work on anything I need done
  • Baby wakes up
  • Chores -We do whatever chores are left for the day.
  • Play 
  • Make Dinner – Like lunch, the kids will do something at the table unless my husband is home then he will play with them.
  • Eat Dinner
  • Clean Kitchen
  • I work -Either on this blog, or my other business as a photographer. Usually editing photos throughout the week since I schedule shoots on the weekends. While I work the kids are almost always in the 3rd floor with Dad.
  • Bath Time
  • Story Time
  • I rock baby- Dad reads with older one
  • Dad puts older one to bed – I finish up on any work I need to do
  • Netflix time – for Mom and Dad