Easy Filmmaking Project For Kids

Filmmaking is an art, and just like all the arts it can help children with many different aspects. Everything from improving IQ to problem solving, confidence, and so so much more. You can read all about how music (but really ALL THE ARTS) affects the developing brain here.

Why filmmaking? It can really teach kids to be creators not consumers. Kids watch increasingly more TV than they ever have before. I love the idea of showing my kids how much work goes into the shows and movies they love. I think it gives them a great perspective and appreciation.

Kids interested in diving even farther into film making?
Check out our Filmmaking Course!!!

Filmmaking Is All About Story Telling

Kids are natural story tellers. Let them tell their story by using their favorite toys! All you need is a smart phone or iPad, some toys, we downloaded the free app OSnap! and some creativity! If your kids create a video, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see it! I adore seeing creativity! Tag me on social media (@raisingdavinci) and check out our video below!