Science, Science Saturday

10 Easy, No-Prep Science Experiments – That Keep Kids Busy

Welcome to the first Science Saturday!

For the month of October I’ll be sharing 10 science experiments you can do with your kids every Saturday for a total of 50 experiments!!! Up this week is “Easy NO-PREP Science” meant to keep the kids busy.

If you’ve read / watched our day in the life post you know I like to have my boys do something at the table while I make lunch. I like to go beyond just Playdoh, or coloring. So we started to do more and more science experiments. Easy ones with very little to ZERO prep work. These are my go to experiments to keep them busy. We have done all of them several times and they don’t seem to get old! They can keep my boys busy for quite awhile!

Easy Science Experiments to Keep Kids Busy

You need very little to do most of these experiments and I’m willing to bet you have almost everything you need for all 10 in your home RIGHT NOW! You can try these right away and have your kids learn about sound, air pressure, surface tension, chemical reactions, absorption, and so much more!

  1. DIY Duck Call –  0:13
  2. Can Rocket –  0:47
  3. Wrapper Worm – 1:10
  4. Disappearing Color – 2:06
  5. Magic Pepper Trick – 3:43
  6. Spinning Colors – 4:42
  7. Non-Newtonian Fluid – 5:52
  8. Bubbly Plate – 7:37
  9. Vacuum Cup – 8:52
  10. Magic Milk – 10:07

Best Science Experiment For MY Kids?

Out of these 10 if I had to choose only three, my top three would be… “drumroll please” Bubbly Plate, Non-Newtonian Fluid, Duck Call or Can Rocket (ok, I couldn’t choose just 3). I based my top three choices on how long it keeps my kids busy. Bubbly Plate is the clear winner, while it’s a toss up between Duck Call and Can Rocket. I think those two keep them busy for the same amount of time.

Check out next weeks! If you try any of these out please let me know in the comments! I would love to hear about it!