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How to Build Custom DIY Science Kits – Gift an Experience

Ok, raise of hands who has noticed I’ve been MIA and didn’t even do a Science Saturday this month? That’s because I’ve been working on these totally cool science kits. *SPOILER ALERT* If you are on my Christmas list (you know who you are) STOP READING. Lol….

Disclaimer: Basic Invite was kind enough to send me their welcome kits free and  I was compensated for my time. This post my also include affiliate links. As always, all my opinions are my own. Please read my full disclosure policy.

Every year we give homemade gifts to our friends and over the years we have gotten pretty creative.  One year we even did a bunch of cool science experiments that double as gifts. But this year, I came up with a really neat idea (at least I think so) — Science Kits! I’ve had so many local friends say “I see all the science you do and I would love to try but getting the stuff together is such a hassle”. After hearing it a few times, I thought…

Why Not Put Custom Science Kits Together FOR My Friends?

And so, the idea was born.

Step one was figuring out which science experiments to choose. There are SO SO SO many. I only wanted to put four in my boxes because that’s how many images this beautiful welcome kit from Basic Invite stationery has on it’s template. I thought these welcome kits would be the perfect way to present the directions for each experiment. Psst. If you want to use a welcome kit from Basic Invite check the top of their site for a discount. It’s typically 15% off.

If you’re having trouble coming up with or narrowing down ideas (like me) for experiments check out Gift Science, Sleepover Science, Christmas Science or Candy Science. They are all full of really fun ideas for something like this. But, really ANY experiment that you think your friends will like is the right one! That’s what I love about this idea. It’s sort of like the  Spangler Science Club or Little Passports Science Expeditions. Except curated just for them, which makes it extra special.

Step Two, how do you want to organize the directions? I ordered the welcome kits with red envelopes but wow, Basic Invite had over 40 different colors to choose from! They also have birth announcement templates and customizable birth announcements. I choose to print my own directions (even though Basic Invite has little cards that fit right into the welcome kit you can order!) because I wanted to print it front and back as well as have my own personal touch. On the front I included a supply list and directions, then on the back I shared the science behind each experiment.


Step Three is buying all the stuff to fill your boxes (and get boxes). For the boxes, I went with something super plain. Although, you could totally dress them up! Maybe even use tote bags or baskets! Then comes filling it with the goodies. A lot of it I already had in my house and then I found the rest at the dollar store. Fun fact, the Dollar Tree has safety goggles in the tool section! Your welcome!

And there you have it! Your very own custom science kit!

What’s Inside MY DIY Science Kit?

The four experiments I chose are:
Fizzy Dip  from Candy Science 
Reindeer Tooth Paste from Christmas Science
Christmas Light Circuit from Christmas Science
Benzoic Acid Snow Globe from Christmas Science

The Supplies I used are:
Welcome Kit from Basic Invite (follow them on FB and Twitter)
Homemade Directions (download the directions I made here) Jello

Citric Acid

Powdered Sugar Baking Soda Twizzlers Empty Bottle


12% Hydrogen Peroxide Tinfoil Batteries Christmas Light Cut and stripped Tape

Benzoic Acid

Figurine Small Mason Jar Safety Goggles found at Dollar Tree Test Tubes found at Dollar Tree

Plastic Condiment Container