3 Reasons to Try Online Math for Elementary Grades

My son LOVES math. I know, he’s a weirdo. However, because of his love of math we have done math in all kinds of ways. Everything from hands-on curriculum to reading math books but we have never really tried an online math curriculum. WHY?  No real reason, I guess I just thought he was too young.

Boy was I wrong.

We recently got the chance to try CTCMath – a curriculum I had first heard about last summer. A bunch of my friends were using it and LOVING IT!  So, when I got the chance to try it I jumped right in! Disclaimer: I received  CTCMath free and was compensated for my time. As always, all my opinions are my own. Please read my full disclosure policy

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CTCMath is a full online math curriculum created by math teacher AND homeschool parent, Pat Murray. What’s super cool about that is, as a homeschool parent, he really understands what homeschoolers are looking for and even more… Homeschoolers get a huge 60% discount off the regular price! So what are the reasons you should try CTCMath?

  1. Computer Skills – At this age, kids (well at least mine) don’t really have any experience on the computer. The tablet sure, but computer and mouse? Nope. CTCMath was a perfect way to introduce my son to using a keyboard and mouse. Once I showed him the delete key, he kept putting in the wrong answer so that he could delete it before moving on, haha…
  2. Mixing Math Up – We do mostly hands-on and learning with books (Life of Fred, Bedtime Math). Using the computer was a great change of pace. Plus, unlike hands-on worksheets or reading lessons, CTCMath sends you a weekly email showing your child’s progress. My son thought it was really cool when he got his first “certificate” from when he finished a topic.
  3. Less Handwriting – Does my son need practice writing? YES. Does he tire from writing? YES. This means he gives up on math well before he’s ready to because he just doesn’t want to write any longer. I will often write for him if he wants to continue. With CTCMath it’s all online. So there is ZERO writing (at least for this age ). I’m guessing in upper levels of math you’d still want a pen and paper to solve the problems out.

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I encourage you to check out the
(Seriously what’s stopping you? Try it out!)


Also, Homeschoolers get a huge 60% discount off the regular price!

Online Math Makes Life Simple

These are just my experiences with CTCMath, however I know quite a few homeschoolers who love CTCMath for different reasons. One of my good friends loves it because she pays once a year for ALL her kids (she has 7). It’s great for different ages since they can each create their own profile. Another friend of mine loves CTCMath because she is able to assign work and track her children’s progress.

Do you use CTCMath? What do you love about it?