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How To Raise Creative Innovators – Homeschooling

After trying to explain why we homeschool to a number of people, including family, you come up with a sort-of standard answer because some will get it and some won’t. I’ve said before that homeschooling is a choice and not for everyone but can I let you in on a little secret? I’m over the moon that it’s growing rapidly and slowly starting to become more normalized. I think that all children can benefit from getting out of the classroom and having more life experiences to learn from.  Here is an image I came across on Pinterest that I thought was neat. A visual history lesson of homeschooling.

When I came across this TED Talk I knew I had to share it! Really, blast it everywhere. Share it with anyone and everyone. It’s amazing! I was almost brought to tears the first time I watched it. Thinking “Wow, the parents must be incredibly proud of this young man”. His words, so real and authentic, I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is exactly what I hope for our children. Children who grow up and want to “hack life”. I hope they become creative innovators who change the world and most importantly ARE HAPPY!

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