New Year's Art Project For Kids

It’s 2016!!

The New Year always makes me look inward. To ring in the New Year try this art / science project with your little one. It’s a great activity for New Years Day!  We traced our body shapes and then measured them using a ruler, as well as some other non-standard forms of measurement. For instance, our 3 year old is about 10 crayons tall.  We then talked about our bodies and what was in them as we colored. After he was done with his drawing I emphasized on how big he has grown and how his body changed to get there.


To further focus this activity on the New Year, we also talked about all the great things that happened this year, like the birth of baby brother. I love hearing genuine answers from toddlers about what makes them happy. Reminiscing about holidays, trips to the park, or even visits to the doctor yielded some pretty interesting conversations! We also talked about the things that our family is looking forward to during next year. Our top three goals for next year are: Geocaching as a family;  Starting “tot school” with our little one; and start hosting dinner parties.