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Interactive Field Trips From Your Living Room

As you know, I love where I live. However…


Field trips are not that easy. The closest zoo in our state is about 7 hours from me, aquarium about 11 hours, and large museum about 6 or 7. We do have small local museums and art galleries with their own unique charm, but nothing like the big city. We also do have a children’s museum only 2 hours from me and we go there a lot!

So when I first heard about FieldTripZoom, I was so excited! I mean OVER THE MOON EXCITED! So what is FieldTripZoom and why am I so excited?


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Live Streaming Interactive Field Trips

FieldTripZoom is live streaming, curriculum based field trips, throughout the school year. Trips cover science, technology, engineering, math, arts and humanities (STEAM), health and wellness, history, government, and literacy with a mix of holiday and international events. It’s amazing. Imagine Facebook Live with engineers, scientics, and historians then add hands-on learning and an interactive experience and you have something AMAZING!

Each field trip lasts 30 to 45 minutes and includes question and answer time. That’s right! You get to ask your questions LIVE! My son asked the Saint Louis Zoo “Where do Snakes go in the winter” and they answered him with much enthusiasm. He thought it was so cool.

As you know, my son LOVES science and was super exited during chemistry week. It was funny to me, because we had done most of the experiments before but that didn’t stop his excitement!

I put together a video sharing, what FieldTripZoom is like, and showing you how much my boys love it!  Enjoy!

Benefits of Live Streaming Education

There are so many benefits. For us, the biggest benefit was that we didn’t have to plan a trip or spend money traveling for the field trip and we still got to experience so many neat things. We did find some other benefits along the way:

-Field Trips while you’re sick -Field Trips with baby are SO easy -Field Trips on the go, with my phone

-Field Trips in PJ’s (because we all know homeschoolers LIVE in PJ’s!)