Adopt Fred & Kingie (Yes! You can bring them home!)

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We just recently got our first Life of Fred book and are loving it! I heard many homeschool moms share their love of these books. I thought two things. First, this must be an awesome series and second (after ordering), I hope they live up to all the hype! I’m happy to tell you THEY DID! My son and I are both loving the adventures of Fred and his doll Kingie. One of my favorite things is how Kingie  used to sing a silly french fry song until his batteries ran out.

New to Life of Fred?

If you are new to Life of Fred, it’s a silly and fun series that teaches math concepts throughout the book. It’s not about drilling math facts or doing worksheets. It’s simply about exploring and introducing new math concepts as you read the story. Unlike other math books, you don’t write in the book at all so you could use these year after year and child after child. Maybe even pass them down to your grandchildren!

You can now order dolls! HOW CUTE! I know what my son is getting as a stocking stuffer this year! Yes, I start Christmas planning/shopping early. I come by it naturally as my mother does the same thing.

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Fred is eight inches tall and ready to tackle math concepts big and small!


Kingie is ready for an adventure too!!


Kingie loves to keep his best friend, Fred, company on all those silly math adventures! Your learners will love to have Fred and Kingie live and in person as they learn with Life of Fred!

You can find both Fred & Kingie on Educents for $13.99 (retail price is $15). For a limited time, Educents is offering 10% off and free shipping on your entire order. That means you can get any Fred books at an extra discount right now too. Have a very Merry Life of Fred Christmas!! Use discount code GIVETHANKS at checkout.

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