Advice from Homeschool Moms

Teaching Kids To Be Attentive

Attentiveness isn’t always easy, especially in today’s multi-media and fast-paced world. Sometimes you have to silence your phone, turn off the television, or face away from other distractions in order to give someone the respect and attention they deserve. This is an important lesson for kids to learn.

Character development is one of the many reasons we homeschool. It’s so important to us to teach our children our values. As a secular homeschooler, it can be quite tricky to find any charter lessons, activities or curriculum that isn’t bible based. I did find Character First Education, however honestly we can not afford the almost $250 for the family packs (classroom packs are around $430). They do have a few free samples that I was able to base my lesson around!

First we talked about how to be attentive

-Look when someone is talking to you -Listen, best you can -Try not to be distracted by other people or things around you.

-Focus on the task at hand